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There is no shortage of amazing technology and resources in the electronic payments industry. Whether it be traditional credit card terminals, cloud based gateways, e-commerce integrations, or electronic invoicing….this industry is filled with solutions that make the great businesses of America run more smoothly and more efficiently.

Unfortunately, while an array of great product choices has never been the limiting factor in the payments industry, effective access to these solutions always has been. Every organization has a figurative “box” of product offerings and are constantly looking to fit the customer into one of these products. All too often, this solution doesn’t really solve the business’ needs and the scenario turns into lose/lose.

PayCompass was born to solve this….for both the business owner and the sales agent. Founded by those who were tired of having limited and inflexible product offerings for their clients, PayCompass aims to guide every partner to the solution that is the right fit for them. With dozens of partnerships and hundreds of unique solutions, PayCompass is the guide that every business owner and sales agent is looking for.


Mobile & Wireless

Process payments on-the-go using your smartphone! Utilize the newest wireless, hassle-free technology

POS Terminal

Counter top and Wireless options available! Supports EMV/NFC/Swipe and contactless payments


Easily process credit cards online quickly and safely. Accept payments over the phone or even send invoice links

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