1099 Independent Sales Agent

You Deserve More.

Built by those with decades of experience in the payments industry, PayCompass is changing the standard for agent support.

Gone are the days of limited product offerings, subpar support, and confusing contracts. The PayCompass Toolbox is filled with hundreds of product offerings from dozens of partners, all of which are supported by our internal team and create increased commissions for you.

Our agents have access to offer and sell, amongst many others, services such as Credit card processing, Payroll Services, Point of Sale solutions, Gift Cards, Small Business lending, and E-commerce solutions.

Ready to be your own boss?

Passive, residual income is the key to true financial independence. Sell once, add the client to your portfolio, and then reap the financial rewards month after month after month. 

We are seeking a 1099 Independent Sales Agent to join our rapidly expanding team, selling payments solutions to small businesses and growing their portfolio with new clients every week! We’re truly different and challenging the status quo. 

If that excites you….keep reading!

At PayCompass, we live by the ethos of AgentFirst™. This isn’t some slick marketing gimmick, it is truly what drives us and shapes the decisions we make every single day. It means more options, less friction, and increased commissions for our agent family. It means independence for you but unlimited and enthusiastic support when you need it. It means hundreds of options for you and your clients. It means no territories and your ability to sell all of our solutions anywhere across America (and dozens of foreign countries). 

You’re different and better…isn’t it time that you found a company that is too?



If you're a top notch sales professional and want to elevate your game... let's chat!

what our agents have to say

Our ethos of “Agent First” means that we have and never will require reports from our sales agents.

Not monthly, not weekly, and definitely not the dreaded daily reports.

We get it… brand recognition is important but that doesn’t mean you have to go through the heavy lifting of starting your own ISO. 

Fly the black & gold of PayCompass or build and grow your own brand. Either way, we’ve got your back and we’ll support you every step of the way.

We hate paperwork as much as you do! Our focus is on making your life easier, always. Not complicating it with unnecessary forms or simple requests. Email, text, or call us… we’ve got you covered.

PayCompass has a fully flexible and customizable program that allows our agents the ability to board as many sub-agents/partners as they want and we handle all of the compensation payouts and reporting. 

Let us handle the busy work and you do what you do best… build portfolios!

Purchases, rentals & leases.. OH MY!

Our hardware price list is filled with 75+ different solutions, each listed with 5 different pricing options and designed to offer our agents and merchants the best fit for their budget. 

No credit checks, no complicated math, and no unnecessary forms. It may not be the yellow brick road but we think it’s the next best thing.

Deep, we know. But it happens! Our agent agreements contain a Survivorship Clause, which states that our agent’s estate and heirs are entitled to the continued compensation. It’s just another reason why we’re different.

"If you don't figure out how to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die" - Warren Buffet

There is no shortage of amazing technology and resources in the electronic payments industry. Whether it be traditional credit card terminals, cloud based gateways, e-commerce integrations, or electronic invoicing….this industry is filled with solutions that make the great businesses of America run more smoothly and more efficiently.

Unfortunately, while an array of great product choices has never been the limiting factor in the payments industry, effective access to these solutions always has been. Every organization has a figurative “box” of product offerings and are constantly looking to fit the customer into one of these products. All too often, this solution doesn’t really solve the business’ needs and the scenario turns into lose/lose.

PayCompass was born to solve this….for both the business owner and the sales agent. Founded by those who were tired of having limited and inflexible product offerings for their clients, PayCompass aims to guide every partner to the solution that is the right fit for them. 


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